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Biomedical Engineering

Courses: EGRB 401

Proj # Project Advisor Industry Entity Industry Advisor Students
BME 01 Improved, single use devices for performing cervical biopsies Pawluk VCU OB/GYN Dr. Philippe Girerd Matthew, Suyama, Krisinger
BME 02 Device to deliver Endodontic material for temporary dental fillings Olivares-Navarette VCU Dentistry Dr. Virginia East Kamoun, Cyprus, Reddy, A. Salman
BME 03 Cell stretcher for live-cell imaging Conway     Ramachandran, Mack, Trinh, Gonzales
BME 04 Smart device for automatic detection and localization of unconscious personnel Fei     Alqadeeb, Fang, Baxi, Shah
BME 05 Decellurization of porcine lung tissue Heise     Dhillon, Reid, Ta, Hulbert, Dagra
BME 06 Flow cytometer for the developing world Lemmon     Howell, Nkwocha, Laverty
BME 07 Rehabilitation tablet for patients with brain injury Miller     Sharad, Aneesh Patel, Wallace
BME 08 A functional electrical stimulation control system for use with spinal cord injury patients Miller     Aren Patel, Potter, Gourley
BME 09 Toy for deaf-blind pre-schoolers Pawluk     Polich, Gebs, Beckmann
BME 10 Physical therapy assistive device for visually-impaired individuals Pawluk     Duke, Goldberg, Schnur
BME 11 A Non-Contact System to Measure Wrist and Carpal Kinematics Wayne     Muralidarsan, Hendel, Patel, Newton
BME 12 An Indoor Navigational Device for Individuals with Low Vision Wetzel     Neal, Roth, Chea, Stuart
BME 13 Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system Wetzel     Noah, Martinez, Decker
BME 14 A device for the objective assessment of ADHD using eye movements Wetzel     Overlin, Turnage, Dosaj
BME 15 Transbuccal delivery of liraglutide Yang     Vasquez, Pradhan, S. Salim, Clingenpeel
BME 16 Creating 3-D culture for rapid human stem cell expansion Zhang     Reep, Ilyas, Talej, Park